What Resources Are In the Marketplace?

Our Resource Marketplace is filled with tools from various publishers to empower and assist pastors. To visit the marketplace, click Resources on the lefthand side of the screen while in the sermon dashboard. As you enter the Resource Marketplace, you'll notice various categories in the filters section.

Depending on your Sermonary membership, you have access to various resources in the marketplace.


If you are on the Sermonary Free tier, you have access to a handful of resources for free! This should give you a taste of our vast collection.


Sermonary Premium

If you are on the Sermonary Premium tier, you have access to a vast library of Bible book commentaries, event templates, and over a year's worth of sermon series content.


Sermonary Premium + Ministry Pass Bundle

Those subscribed to the Sermonary Premium + Ministry Pass bundle have access to every item in our resource section! 

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