Add Text from a Book to Sermonary

To do this, you will need to use "Highlighted" for iOS. This can be found HERE

* Please note that to use this feature, you will need to have a physical copy of the book you want to highlight from. 

  1. Open "Highlighted" and click on the option to "Add Book."
  2. Find the book that you want to open and click "Add." 
  3. Select the book and click "Highlight." 
  4. Allow access to your camera. 
  5. Take a picture of the page that has the information you want to use for your sermon. 
  6. Select the quote that you want. 
  7. Click on "Continue."
  8. Click on "Create." 
  9. Select the quote that was highlighted. 
  10. Click "Share." 
  11. Swipe over and click "Share as Text." 
  12. Click on "Copy."
  13. In Sermonary, add a "Quote" block.
  14. "Paste" the highlighted text. 
  15. Add the Author to "Source Name."
  16. Add the Name of the Book to "Source Title." 
  17. Click "Done."

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